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Overmedicating Our Youth

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Frank J. Granett

Protecting Your Kids

Online Tips For Parents

  • Know where your child is surfing

  • Keep the computer in a central location (not in the bedrooms)

  • Learn the lingo

  • Get monitoring and blocking software (call Dicomp if help is needed)

  • Teach your child the responsible uses of the internet

  • Talk with your child about the dangers of computer-sex offenders

  • Teach your children to ignore instant messages and emails from anyone they do not know

  • Review what is on your child's computer. If you don't know how, ask a friend, relative, or Call Dicomp

  • Monitor your children's Internet usage

  • Set daily time limits on online use (1/2 Hour - 1 Hour usually sufficient)

  • Maintain access to your child's online accounts and periodically review his/her e-mail

  • Allow your children to only use monitored chatrooms and to never discolse their real name or any personal information

  • Set restrictions on what activities are allowed online

  • Deny internet access for breaking any online rules you setup

  • Children should never download files from unknown sites

  • Make sure your children understand the rules while on social networking sites (ie. MySpace, blogs, Facebook, etc.)

  • Teach your children about online etiquette

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