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Overmedicating Our Youth

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Frank J. Granett


Age Awareness

Age: 14 years old - 18 years old

  • This is usually the most challenging time for both parents and kids
  • Teens need and want more independance but they also need guidence
  • This is a time when kids will take more risk and think they are invinceable
  • This is the age when teens are likely to enter into a relationship online
  • It is very important that kids in this age group understand that the people they meet online are not always who they apear to be
  • Kids in this age group have to always be on the alert for people who may want to harm them
  • The concern here is that the child will get together offline with someone they meet online
  • Parents should remember when they were young
  • Teach your child about how to use good to judgment and how to explore the internet in a safe and manner

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