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What is Netiquette?
Netiquette is the term used for online etiquette, in other words acceptable online behavior. All parents should learn it and teach it to their children. Here are a few of rules to live by online.
    Email / Text Netiquette
  • Do not forward chain emails
  • Be more conservative in the email you send then you what you receive
  • Don't send heated messages and do not respond to them (this is called a flaming email)
  • Keep emails short and to the point if you want the other person to read it
  • Don't send unsolicited mail (SPAM)
  • Don't continue to use unnecessary CC recipients when having a two-way conversation
  • Don't expect immediate response from someone
  • Remember the Golden Rule when emailing
  • Use mixed case when emailing
  • Wait a day before sending an emotional response to a message
  • The subject line should reflect the content of the message
    Internet Netiquette
  • Do not be a cyber bully

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